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Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary —from the 1981 LP McCartney II 

Paul used an analogue ARP sequencer for this recording.

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Beastie Boys,
Hello Nasty

Remembering Adam Yauch: Beastie Boys - I Don’t Know 

What’s pleasing to the eye
In the delusion of my sight
Is not what I find when I reach into the light
I have lost my mind 

I’m walking through time
Deluded as the next guy
Pretending and hoping to find
That distant peace of mind

I don’t know
Who does know
There is no
Where to go

It’s not so simple as I try to wish
But then again what is?
There is no other worthy quest
So on I go

I don’t know
Who does know
There is no
Where to go

I don’t know

The Beatles Come To TownPathé News technicolor short featuring footage from their 20 November 1963 Manchester performance: 

  1. She Loves You 
  2. Twist and Shout 


Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Robots With Rayguns 2012 Remix)

Robots with Rayguns redoes one of their earlier remixes and turns one of Whitney’s best tracks into a plaintive, danceable synthpop song. Class effort.

The Rentals - Friends Of P. 

If you’re friends with P.
Well, then you’re friends with me. 

The Offspring - Self Esteem

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The Misfits,
12 Hits From Hell

The Misfits - Halloween 

Tonight at the Gibson (formally Universal) Amphitheatre in Unversal City, CA, horror-rock legend Danzig will be playing three haunting sets: first with his owndark-heavy metal band Danzig, with his hardcore band Samhain, and to end the night with a celebration of fiends… fellow O.G. Misfit Doyle Von Frankenstein will join the band on stage to play classic Misfits songs!

Show starts at 7:15pm —Happy Halloween!